About Conquest Property Management, Inc.                                

1917-S-Beckham-office-with-Native Tylerites Jack and Robbie Cowan returned to East Texas from Dallas in the mid- 1970 and noting the lack of any company to manage residential real estate, they founded Cowan Property Management, Tyler’s first to specialize in this unique niche market. CPM was purchased and renamed by current owner Jolie Smith in 1997. Smith had worked for the Cowan’s for several years, earning her Real Estate Agent’s license and then Broker’s license, as she learned the property management business from the ground up.

Conquest Property Management has always worked hard to fairly represent tenants through even-handed rental practices and an individual approach to every situation. Further, CPM fulfills the business expectations of property owners by carefully following applicable regulations and contracting skilled, reliable contractors. Successfully standing in the middle requires personal attention, tact, honesty, and abundant professional knowledge of this  unique industry.

Today,  Jolie has become the consummate landlord and tenant advocate with a quarter-century of hands-on experience.  She believes that life, as well as business, is best when it’s a “win-win” for everyone. A good reputation among long term tenants and owners alike suggest that both sides are winning with CPM’s services. The company’s services are further enhanced by the guidance of its manager of 12 years, Debi Fedell. Debi’s dedication is truly impressive. Her unique ability to meet the various needs of tenants, owners & staff is a rare quality indeed.

Conquest is without doubt the community’s premier property management company; it is Tyler’s oldest residential management company and the only large firm which specializes exclusively in management, not sales, of real estate. The knowledge, dedication, and professional ability of the company personnel are hallmarks of CPM services for both their tenants and property owners.

Jolie Smith and her experienced team of associates and contractors make Conquest Property Management a standout in Smith County.